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Our experience and expertise in prefabricated steel kit buildings has seen us become Australia’s leading brand for sheds in the residential, rural, equine and commercial markets.

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Our Dealers

Our dealers can manage the entire design and construction process, or supply you a kit only delivered directly to your site.

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Sales Process

Ok, you have your shed quote and you would like to proceed, what happens now?

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BlueScope Steel

All Ranbuild sheds and garages are made from 100% Australian made BlueScope Steel.

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Ranbuild sheds and garages is owned by LYSAGHT®, one of Australia's most trusted steel suppliers.

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An iconic Australian product known for its durability and design flexibility, COLORBOND® steel has become a household name in Australia.

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Australian Made Steel

Insist on using genuine Australian made BlueScope steel to ensure compliance, warranties and peace of mind.

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All Ranbuild Sheds and Garages are built SHEDSAFE.

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What Makes a Ranbuild Shed Better?

How do you know you are getting genuine Australian BlueScope steel and COLORBOND® steel for your shed? All steel components in Ranbuild sheds are genuine BlueScope steel and can easily be identified by the laser engraved branding directly on the componentry.

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Shed Spotlight

See the latest sheds, garages or carports built by the Ranbuild dealer network and request a quote today for your new Ranbuild shed.

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