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What Makes a Ranbuild Shed Better?

Branded Identification for authenticity on all components

How do you know you are getting genuine Australian BlueScope steel and COLORBOND® steel for your shed? All steel components in Ranbuild sheds are genuine BlueScope steel and can easily be identified by the laser engraved branding directly on the componentry.

We are also members of the STEEL BY™ Brand Partnership Program with BlueScope and only members of this program and eligible to use this logo, your guarantee that our products are the real deal.

Don’t risk the good looks and performance of your shed! Inferior or cheap imported products are a compromise but these could cost you over the life of your shed and who will back any warranties? Ranbuild warranties are backed by BlueScope and through our localised dealer network give peace of mind that you can deal direct with us.

Nuts and bolts

It is vitally important that all fastening components used in assembly are correctly matched to ensure proper holding power and service life. ALL our bolts that hold the shed to the frame are 8.8 grade high tensile structural bolts, high tensile washers and high tensile nuts. Many shed manufacturers only use low tensile bolts at standard 4.6 grade. If anything other than high tensile fasteners are used, you run the risk of insufficient holding capacity and often, failure of the fasteners under sufficient load.

Concrete slab

It is a condition of Ranbuild when laying the concrete slab that there is 200mm deep x 200mm wide edge beam built into the slab. Our wide edge beam gives additional strength and depth to the slab all the way around the edges. Some builders only lay a ‘flat’ slab to save a few bob but this inferior approach increases the susceptibility for local failure at the slab-column connection and also cracking the slab at high traffic entry points.

Consider the pounding your shed floor takes over a life time, vehicle traffic, heavy loads, machinery operation, let alone actually holding up your shed. If you’re shed slab does not have an edge beam all the way around it could be a costly compromise.

Wall Girt and Roof Purlins

Additional strength and structural rigidity come from overlapping our wall girts and roof purlins where they connect to structural members. Made from next generation ZINCALUME®, all our girts and purlins have a 15% structural overlap across our internal portal frames which significantly increases the performance of the frame strength and rigidity. Some shed suppliers will only apply a single length purlin or girt (no overlap over the column/rafter) to the length of the building thereby potentially marginalizing the overall strength of the shed under load in adverse weather conditions.

Columns and Rafters

For our columns and rafters, we only use minimum G450 through to G550 grade cold formed high tensile materials, Z350 GALVASPAN® steel purlins, classified to Australia Standard AS1397. The zinc coating and quality controlled galvanizing process used in GALVASPAN® steel ensure a high standard of corrosion protection.

Engineered specifically to support floor, roof and wall structures, these high quality products are industry proven in sporting, commercial, industrial, rural and residential applications. The high strength to low weight ratio makes these products easy to transport and handle on site.

Hold Down Connections

We use a rigid and very strong base connection by using a cast in base strap concrete system. Our structural columns are connected to the concrete with a hot-dipped galvanized cast in U bracket made from 75mm x 5 mm material connected to the column with 4 high tensile 8.8 grade structural bolts. All columns, rafters and structural battens are rolled specifically for each building from minimum G450 high tensile materials.

Product Testing

When you consider the many years of harsh climatic conditions that a shed has to survive, is it any wonder that safety and longevity in component performance is a priority?

Our ongoing product testing through the University of Sydney, Faculty of Engineering ensures we are industry leaders in setting Australian standards for cold formed steel buildings. This testing also provides Ranbuild the opportunity to be design leaders as our constant development process realises ongoing improvements are adopted early and regularly.

Fly Brace

Fly Braces stop Cee sections twisting – A Fly Brace is a strap, angle or bar that runs from the flange of a rafter, main column or end wall column to a roof or wall purlin/batten and therefore restrains the section laterally.

Essentially they prevent a column or rafter from twisting or rotating when under load and are essential to ensure structural rigidity and performance.

Apex and Knee Cleat/Bracketry

All our bracketry is locally manufactured and are fully folded and seam welded using genuine BlueScope steel G450 grade high tensile material for added structural integrity. This ensures our connections are industry leading and have been tested by independent engineers.

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