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To DIY or Not

For most small sheds, garages or carports, erection can be a weekend or couple of days challenge depending on the ‘hired help’.

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Reviewing Your Quote

You've decided on a size and style for your shed and sent your specifications out to your Ranbuild dealer for a quote. Your quote will come back quickly - now's the time to go through it in detail.

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Gaining Approval

Before you buy your shed, you need to make sure that it has building or development approval, or is exempt, otherwise you can end up with an unusable pile of beautiful steel.

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Laying The Slab

For most sheds, a concrete slab foundation is essential. Unless your yard is perfectly flat, you'll need to cut and fill to provide a level surface.

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Building Your Shed

To help guide you through the building of your shed, Ranbuild supply an extremely detailed assembly guide that is a specific to the shed you are building.

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Call The Professionals

No matter what your skill level, unless you're a professional tradie, there are some jobs you're legally not allowed to do.

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See our sheds in a whole new way!

Ranbuild’s new Shed Builder app allows you to create and customise your own shed or garage in 3D.

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