Garaports are simply a garage or shed with a roof extension so you can park vehicles, boats, caravans etc while keeping your enclosed shed free for other storage. Garaports can have either a gable or flat skillion roof and generally retain the existing garage roof line which allows a seamless appearance without compromising structural integrity.

Even small Garaports can be used as convenient household covered recreational areas, BBQ areas, work areas, hobbies areas or shelters for pets and animals, an extremely versatile addition to any shed.


  • Basalt®
  • Cove™
  • Dune®
  • Evening Haze®
  • Gully™
  • Ironstone®
  • Jasper®
  • Mangrove®
  • Monument®
  • Shale Grey™
  • Surfmist®
  • Terrain®
  • Wallaby®
  • Windspray®


  • Classic Cream™
  • Cottage Green®
  • Deep Ocean®
  • Manor Red®
  • Night Sky®
  • Pale Eucalypt®
  • Paperbark®
  • Woodland Grey®


Ranbuild have a range of roller doors to suit all applications; domestic roller doors, industrial roller doors, cyclonic wind-locked roller doors.



Choose your framing options from our extensive list of options available.

Metal roof

Sheeting and Finishes

COLORBOND® steel sheeting and finishes are available in a range of 22 contemporary colours, which celebrate the natural beauty of the Australian landscape.



Select from a range of windows and glass sliding doors to suit you needs.